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Open Source Software Brothers community newsletter - Issue #7

AdminJS Community Newsletter
Open Source Software Brothers community newsletter - Issue #7
By Krzysztof Studniarek • Issue #7 • View online
The previous month was mostly about new modules and moving forward with version v3.3 of AdminBro core. So let’s dive into the details…

admin-bro v3.3 is around the corner...
We released lots of betas during the last month, with the focus mostly on:
  • updates in the design system with new components and gentle tweaks here and there,
  • new features (of course)
  • improving consistency and stability of the core module
I don’t want to spoil surprise and write here all the details, but dear open-source SoftwareBrothers community members you can check out the latest beta documentation here and download the @beta tag from NPM with: npm install admin-bro@3.3.0-beta.20.
Our OpenSource repositories
@admin-bro/sequelize is in TypeScript
Setup AdminBro for NestJS application
The easiest and fastest way to upload files in Node.js
TypeORM joined tables in AdminBro back office
Other JavaScript news and libraries
GitHub - evanw/esbuild: An extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier
Top 11 Node.js ORMs, Query Builders & Database Libraries in 2020
Grammarly (unofficial) - Visual Studio Addon
Work at SoftwareBrothers
We are still looking for:
Interested? If you - or someone you know - would like to become a part of our family, reach out to Marta
Need help with your software?
We provide beautiful UX/UI design and tailor made software based (not only) on AdminBro. Interested?
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Krzysztof Studniarek

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