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Open Source Software Brothers community newsletter #2

AdminJS Community Newsletter
Open Source Software Brothers community newsletter #2
By Krzysztof Studniarek • Issue #2 • View online
Lots of things have happened in the JavaScript world since our last Issue. The same can be said about SoftwareBrothers.
Ready for a knowledge transfer? Buckle your seat belts and start reading.

Updates from our OpenSource repositories
BetterDocs v2.0 released!!! Yeey!
JSCasts on YouTube
Last month I created a special series of videos that explains how you can build an entire startup using AdminBro. Sounds incredible? Well, every episode shows how I work in real time so there’s no space for gimmicks and tricks, check it out:
Part 1 - set up admin panel from scratch
Part 2 - hooks and authentication
Part 3 - file upload
I’m not Dr. DRE but I’m sure that The Next Episode of JSCasts will be awesome! Stay tuned!
Other JavaScript news and libraries
GitHub - benawad/destiny: Prettier for File Structures
5 reasons why you should use AdminBro in your startup
Google Chrome’s new update finally allows you to organise and group tabs!
Profiling React.js performance
And finally Jonasz wrote 2 articles about “The most universal JavaScript code monitoring tools”. Part 1 and Part 2 can be found on SoftwareBrothers blog.
Work at SoftwareBrothers
We are currently looking for a:
Interested? If you - or someone you know - would like to become part of our family, reach out to Marta.
Need help with your software?
We provide beautiful UX/UI design and tailor made software based (not only) on AdminBro. Interested?
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Krzysztof Studniarek

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